Sales of Stainless Steel Materials

Tanaka Sangyo deals in the sales of stainless steel materials for construction use. Thin sheets, thick plates, and processed items are available as well.
Tanaka Sangyo handles various types of products, including stainless steel weld pipes and seamless pipes, fittings, flanges, steel materials, and respond to all requests. Tanaka Sangyo has a standing stock of steel materials. Feel free to contact us.
Round pipe,Square pipe,H-section steel,T-section steel,Square bar,Round bar,Steel plate,Wire etc.


Valves and Associated Products

Tanaka Sangyo deals in various types of valves according to each usage situation, such as standard, high-pressure, and special valves. These valves are classified by fluid type (liquid, powder, slurry liquid, or gas), characteristic type (flammable, corrosive, or toxicity substances), material type (metal or nonmetal materials), pressure type and temperature type (low-, medium-, and high-pressure and ultralow-, low-, normal-, and high-temperature applications), and industry type (the food, chemical, oil, gas, electric power, water supply, sewerage, shipbuilding, or papermaking industry).
Ball valves (including two-way ball valves, three-way/four-way ball valves, and Y-type three-way ball valves)
,Gate valves,Globe valves,Check valves,Port valves etc.


Flanges and Fittings

Tanaka Sangyo deals in a wide variety of flanges and piping fittings, ranging from carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel products to sanitary flanges for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food plants.
<Various Types of Flanges>
Slip-on welding flanges,Socket welding flanges,Butt welding flanges,Loose flanges,Screwed flanges,Blind type flange
<Various Types of Piping Fittings>
Elbows,Bends,Reducers,Tees,Crosses,Sockets,Couplings,Caps,Plugs,Unions,Flange unions,Bushings,Stop nuts,Nipples etc.


Hoses and Flexible Hoses

Tanaka Sangyo has a standing stock of a wide variety of hoses, including flexible hoses, indispensable to piping.
Tanaka Sangyo’s stock of a wide variety of hoses is used for versatile applications in various fields, ranging from the general industrial field to the advanced industrial fields. The stock includes food processing hoses, heat and oil resistant hoses, chemical resistant hoses, air hoses, and vacuum hoses to handle gaseous materials, such as air, vapor, and other gaseous bodies, and liquids, such as water, oil, and chemicals.
Stainless steel,Fluororesin,Silicon rubber,Vinyl chloride,Polyurethane resin,Nylon,Polyolefin resin,Polyacetal resin etc.


Industrial Measuring Instruments

Tanaka Sangyo deals in various types of measuring instruments and sensors required for a variety of production processes.
Various flow rate, liquid level, and process meters
Positive displacement flowmeters
Radiation thermometers, thermal image displays, content meters, and controllers
Thermometers, contact thermometers, thermocouples, and resistance bulbs
Pressure gauges, contact pressure gauges, and pressure sensors
Various types of electric and electronic measuring instruments
Various types of analysis, environment assessment, inspection, and calibration devices  etc.


Agitators and Heat Exchangers

Tanaka Sangyo offers industrial agitators that support industrial activities in various industries, such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, papermaking, rubber, and fiber industries, and heat exchangers required for many manufacturing plants, such as food manufacturing and chemical manufacturing plants.

  • Boilers
  • Cooling, heating, and refrigeration process stages at various manufacturing plants
    Evaporators,Condensers,Cooling towers,Heating towers,Refrigerators
  • Fan coil units
  • Air conditioners  etc.
  • Pagetop

    Various Types of Industrial Machines and Parts

    •Various Types of Plant Equipment and Installations
    Tanaka Sangyo deals in various types of industrial machines and installations, such as compressors, overhead traveling cranes, automatic transferring machines, various types of pumps, and blowers.

    •Metal Processing Machines
    E.g., various types of machine tools, various types of industrial tools, abrasives, spindle parts, motors, and speed reducers

    •Industrial Machines
    Various types of drying/incineration equipment, various types of cleaning equipment, coating/plating equipment, and various types of other industrial machines

    •Logistics and Transport Equipment
    Conveyance and transportation equipment and devices, various types of delivery equipment, various types of conveyance tools and components